What sets Marine Tech Professional Detailing apart from other detailers?

Our commitment to quality standards drives us to continue improvement through education, experience, and innovation.  Marine Tech understands that the nature of use, care, storage, and exposure conditions change.  We also understand that weather, air temperature, water hardness & temperature, among other conditions affect the effectiveness of different kinds of detailing treatments.

By integrating education with experience, we ensure not only our readiness to address the unique conditions of your vessel with appropriate & valuable solutions, but also our continued improvement (an added value to you!).

We are quite excited and confident that we can offer you ways to care for your vessel that just keep getting better and better!

How can I save by hiring Marine Tech?

Marine Tech Professional Detailing is a strong advocate of regular preventive maintenance as the most effective time- & cost-saver, in addition to boat tarps / covers.  If your maintenance schedule has lapsed for some months (and depending on how it's been stored & used recently), it's time to hurry and catch up to prevent permanent damage.  If over a year or so has passed, or if your vessel has experienced heavy wear without subsequent maintenance, it's best to call a professional for a heavy wash, with sealant and/or wax.  Let us help you plan your work.  Call us or check our website today!

What product brands do you use?

Because we focus on a strong, diverse, quality portfolio of solutions, our brand lineup is subject to change.  Our current top performers include:

  • CSI (Clearcoat Solutions Inc.)
  • Detailer's Helper
  • Eco Touch
  • Flex Polisher
  • Flitz
  • Gelcoat Labs
  • Marine 31
  • McKee's 37
  • McKee's RV
  • Meguiar's
  • Optimum Polymer Technologies
  • Plexus
  • The Rag Company
  • Solution Finish
  • Starbrite
  • West Marine

Which Marine Tech services are most popular?

Most projects we encounter are deep cleaning and heavy wash requests.  We also receive inquiries from average to avid boaters interested in monthly maintenance.  We tend to surprise our regular boaters with our efficient, effective solutions that also happen to be low-cost.

We also hear a number of inquiries about cleaning methods that address resource conservation, for which our low water use and zero rinse solutions are key.  Imagine a car cleaned monthly using under a gallon of water!

What discussion topics should I ask a professional detailer?

Someone who cares for their investment will understand that several variables affect the service outcome.   With this in mind, one type of solution may be effective in certain conditions, but not in others.   Specifically, factors such as current vessel (boat / RV / auto) conditions, history of care, ambient air temperature & humidity, water conditions, weather conditions throughout the service days, and types of debris & surface issues requiring treatment all critically impact the product outcome.  Simply put, if one simply needs their dishes washed & ready for next use, simply use dish detergent, hot water, and clean scrubbing & rinsing tools.  However, when one needs their special investment cared for, after it has been exposed to the elements, UV radiation, oxidative stresses, payload, human wear & tear, salt water, and more, then a simple dishwasher solution is far from sufficient.  For your boat / RV / auto that is exposed to a variety of conditions, specific materials, tools, and methods will be required for proper care & protection.  

Marine Tech Professional Detailing recommends asking specifics pertaining to the types of solutions applicable to your own unique conditions.  Regarding BOATS, for instance, one may ask for information such as:

  • How do you address stubborn stains & scuff marks?
  • How do you clean & protect high traffic areas such as non-skid surfaces, vinyl seats, instrument clusters, etc.?
  • How do you clean & protect isinglass, clear vinyl, portholes & other types of clear surfaces?
  • How do you achieve a high gloss finish?
  • How do you handle mold-prone or mold-covered problematic spots?
  • How do we protect my investment moving forward?
  • What can I do myself?
  • What product brands & types do you use?  Why?
  • How does your work differ from how I do this myself with my own products & tools?
  • What is the best way to reach you?  And how soon do you return by call / email?
  • You may even ask for a work sample.

Similar inquiries should apply to your RV / auto.  You may not know how to do everything yourself, but it helps immensely when you understand what it takes to care for your vessel, and keep it well-maintained for years to come.  

Where can I find Marine Tech Professional Detailing online?  Can I schedule and pay online?  

This website, and Google+ reflect our primary online presence.  Our high standard of care calls for attention to detail like no other.  This means that each vessel is unique, and requires a unique amount of maintenance, tools, time, and effort.  We only schedule via phone / in person, with flexible terms for our subscribers. The scope of our online presence scales with how closely we coordinate with our clients at the onset.  This means we keep our phones on, provide reasonably accurate estimates, and do not transfer or outsource any of our services.  We like to get things done expediently, while prioritizing safety, quality, value, cost, and schedule.  Marine Tech Professional Detailing is also listed under Bing, Craigslist, Fixr, Google, Kudzu, LocalSaver, Superpages, Yelp, YP.

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